Food Safety


IWCG provides sanitizing solutions to growers, processors and packaging plants around the world that are designed to meet the specific demands of each application.

The Constant Chlor® Plus Feeder in combination with Constant Chlor® Plus calcium hypochlorite briquettes is a versatile, effective and cost efficient tool in an integrated approach to controlling food pathogens in pre-harvest, post-harvest and meat processing applications.

Constant Chlor® Plus Briquettes
Our Constant Chlor Plus Briquettes®dry chlorinator tablets are designed specifically for use in the Spray Technology Chlorinator, with a patented formula for consistent and accurate dosing. 

Dry Tec® FG Briquettes
Dry Tec® FG Briquettes are manufactured with an anti scale formulation specifically created for food industry applications. Registered and approved for multiple food sanitation and disinfection applications. 

Be sure to comply with all government regulations for use. Always refer to product labels and MSDSs for information about specific products.